Planning To Expand To 300 Units By 2021

Planning To Expand To 300 Units By 2021


Flattening the curve just got a whole lot easier for a nation aching to get back to normal thanks to a team of tech, medical and business professionals and their unique mobile approach to COVID-19 rapid testing.

Davies MedClinic’s fleet of forty-five mobile testing vehicles, capable of conducting 400,000 combined tests daily, paired with their Davies Passport App have already deployed to businesses across the nation. The team now looks ahead to assist with a nationwide vaccine roll-out once it is made available to the general public.

Davies MedClinic combines the medical expertise of Dr. Scott Campbell, a Board-Certified physician in Emergency Medicine, with the tech knowledge of partners Fraser Campbell, Patrick Dudley and Amir Khan, and the leading expert in the design and manufacturing of mobile vending assets, Cameron Davies. Together they have assembled a fleet of mobile testing units of various sizes with the capacity to mobilize, administer painless antigen rapid tests, PCR tests and antibody tests, on-site anywhere in the US. They deliver the results and date of testing electronically to the patient, their employer, the CDC and any other pertinent approved party through their Davies Passport App using a barcode and information provided by the patient. Results for rapid antigen tests are delivered in 15 minutes, while the PCR results take from 24-48 hours. The Passport App, which meets HIPAA standards, works across iOS, Android and internet platforms enabling employers, airlines, dining and entertainment venues, churches, schools and universities, shopping malls and anywhere else people congregate to maintain an accurate database of positivity rates as well helping keep the need for quarantining whilst awaiting test results to a minimum. Mobile testing is also a great way to keep a fast and accurate account of the positivity rate of employees, visitors and residents in both our nation’s nursing homes and our jails and prisons; known to be hotspots.

Davies MedClinic’s fleet, which was recently featured on the docu-reality series “Built for Business” (full episode here), is comprised of vehicles ranging from a fifty-seven ft. mega truck capable of housing a full testing command center to an eight-foot mini trailer. Each vehicle is temperature controlled, capable of rapid deployment and can operate both as part of a mass testing team, or as a standalone. The partners are projecting a fleet of 300 such vehicles by 2021. As our nation faces the ever-changing roster of new ‘normals’, fleets such as this can bridge the gap between over-crowded facilities with staff shortages and under-served communities far beyond the needs that the current pandemic has uncovered. The partners behind Davies MedClinic see mobile medical services as the future of community medicine and stand ready to meet the challenges as they arise.